Psychological Manipulation in the 21st Century | Virtual vs Objective Reality

(Ryan DeLarme) Dishonesty, intimidation, and manipulation have been part of the human condition since we first discovered their selfish efficiency, yet somehow in a world filled with corporate greed and embellished history, we seem to be unable to conceive that it happens on a scale large enough to affect entire populations.

by Ryan DeLarme, May 21st, 2021

In 1948 George Orwell provided Aldous Huxley a complimentary copy of his new book, “1984.” Huxley wrote the following to Orwell after reading his groundbreaking work: 

Within the next generation, I believe that the world’s rulers will discover that infant conditioning and narcohypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience. In other words, I feel that the nightmare of Nineteen Eighty-Four is destined to modulate into the nightmare of a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World. The change will be brought about as a result of a felt need for increased efficiency. Meanwhile, of course, there may be a large-scale biological and atomic war — in which case we shall have nightmares of other and scarcely imaginable kinds. Thank you once again for the book. 

Yours sincerely, Aldous Huxley

It is a hard thing to reconcile, that a small, predominantly self-serving portion of the population makes choices that affect the rest of the human family. I’m not talking about baby munching cultists or lizard people or any other unverifiable theory, I’m talking about a contingent of personality types that tend to seek positions of power. Actually, to be quite blunt, sociopathy is almost a requirement to both become one of these individuals and to protect yourself from the others. 

The term “financial elite” is an oversimplified way to describe someone, and unfortunately sounds like stereotypical conspiracy terminology, but for the purposes of this article, I will be using the term frequently in reference to big-money interests who have been practicing psychological manipulation on the greater population for generations. The financial elite and their lackeys occupy a variety of critical roles in our society; they may be an investment banker, a CEO, a Pope, or the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, maybe even the Speaker of the House (whose annual salary 1 is somewhere around 225k yet she maintains a net worth in the hundred millions 2). In fact, many establishment politicians have fortunes well beyond their station, typically coming from pay-to-play bribery and in some cases criminal activity such as laundering federal funding. All it takes to keep you from prying any further into this reality is a well-placed Fact-Check from the International Fact-Checkers Network, whom they often neglect to mention is funded 3 by Charles Koch, Facebook, and Legacy Media institutions such as WaPo, New York Times, and Newsweek, to name just a few.

An example: ‘Investment banker’ is a position that many people around the world seem very eager to achieve. Unfortunately, without the ability to completely shut down their frontal lobe the aspiring hopefuls are likely doomed to run into situations where emotions or a sense of right/wrong may hinder their ability to be successful in the field. Despite the individual’s big-money aspirations, hopes, and dreams, they will be devoured by the bigger, meaner fish. This is the very nature of the industry, it’s an industry that “rewards psychopaths”.

An ex-investment banker 4, who wished to remain anonymous, recently shined a light into that dark pocket of midnight where hedonism, narcissism, and manipulation flourish. The financial industry can look promising from the outside, but on the inside, it’s a rancid, morality-free carnival of debauchery and competitive cruelty. This investment banker mentioned that the industry “covers a multitude of sins.” He claims to have studied at a decent university and could sit with the best of the lot. He further called out the system, describing a city as a place “that rewards bulls***.” 

You can watch this fellow’s testimony HERE

Disillusioned journalists the world over are beset on all sides by adherents to a cult-of-personality the fortune five hundred have successfully shat into the human consciousness. These individuals, friends and family alike, have been duped into believing that their obedience to the various agendas of the plutocracy is actually some kind of altruist rebellion. The current societal conditions have robbed us of the ability to find fulfillment, the modern oligarchy saturates the population with an unhealthy bombardment of entertainment, nutritionally bereft processed foods, pharmaceuticals, and hypnotic suggestions that perpetuate these helpless conditions.

How it’s done

These men behind the throne, their agents, and surrogate institutions manage the masses by manipulating human nature. As was the case in both 1984 and Brave New World, these shadow-rulers have been bio-psycho-social engineering the human species to be more supplicant and submissive, using psychological operations 5 and subsequent propaganda regarding said operations to ensure the population is in lockstep. An example of this was the drumming up of anti-islamic sentiment in the wake of 9-11 as a pretense for invading the Middle East. 

The primary method for achieving the desired response from a group or groups of people is by attacking the Central Nervous System (CNS). The CNS is their money spot because it is the human control center that, if properly manipulated, can alter thoughts, emotions, and behavior. 

Have you ever paid attention to the fact that fully grown elephants are held captive by a rather small rope tied around one of the elephant’s legs? You might wonder: how can a single strand of off-the-shelf rope hold an elephant captive, a creature that can easily uproot huge trees and move boulders weighing tons? Dr. Anthony Napoleon, in his textbook on mind control, went over the mechanics that keep the elephant believing it can do nothing about its situation.

As per Dr. Anthony Napoleon:

“When the elephant was a baby its controllers attached a huge metal chain securely shackled around one of its legs. The chain was firmly staked deep into the ground. In response to the shackle, the baby elephant made instinctually driven and repeated attempts to free itself. The baby elephant tried as he might but eventually became exhausted, oftentimes ending up with a bruised and bloodied chained leg. At some point, the elephant became conditioned to believe that no matter what it did or how hard it pulled, it was trapped and could not free itself. Once external control, which took the form of the chain and long stake, were internalized by the baby elephant, the controller could then substitute the internal control of the sisal rope for the chain and stake because the elephant’s instinctual quest for freedom had been subverted.

 Could the elephant break the rope if he tried? Of course, in an instant, the rope would snap and the elephant would be free. Will the elephant try to break free? No, it will not. From the outside looking in, ill-informed observers conclude that the elephant must be content because he stays tethered by only a rope. Similarly, outside observers conclude that the elephant’s handlers are nice and must treat the elephant well; otherwise, the elephant would try to break free. Both conclusions are erroneous. The situation involving the masses is not much different from the fate of the captive elephant.”

External control can be exercised directly or indirectly. For example, direct control occurs when a person is handcuffed and put in jail. The threat of jail time would constitute indirect control. Indirect control can be generated using cognitive mechanisms or may be effectuated by playing upon the emotion of the target. An example of cognitive control is a red light. The red light means “stop” and the threat of non-compliance means a traffic ticket, which translates into higher insurance rates or “points” on one’s driving record. Also, stopping at a red light is an act of conformity and “doing the right thing”, all of which controls the subject. 

Another great means of exercising control is the use of fear. The mere existence, or even suggestion, of a threat is a very effective tactic that ensures the victim’s acquiescence to the controller’s will. All that is required for these fear-based PSYOPs to work is for those conducting the psychological manipulation to provide a to-do list that will reduce their subjects’ fear. PSYOPs that exploit engineered fear typically encourage a waxing and waning of the level of fear in order to maintain control. Compliance is almost always assured when the victim is never allowed to feel totally comfortable. 

These tactics have been used for generations, in the next section, we’ll go over how much more effective they’ve become in our digital age.

Virtual Reality vs Objective Reality

Virtual: Existing, seen, or happening online or on a computer screen, rather than in person or in the physical world.

In modern times, the average 1st world denizen has all but conflated their virtual reality with objective reality. The image of oneself conveyed online is typically a borrowed amalgamation of aesthetics, persona, ill-understood beliefs, lifestyle choices, accessories, and even vernacular taken from various “influencers” and personalities whose agents (usually under the employ of a surrogate institution connected to the big elite think tanks) have infused them with all the rhetoric and programming needed to become obedient heralds of a premeditated agenda that will now seem organic. 

There are tiers of these individuals, you have the household name brand of celebrity attached to specific things such as Greta Thunberg, David Hogg, etc. and then you have the influencers who bump their agendas, the Billie Eilishes or Lil Nas X’s of the world. From here it trickles down to what has been described as “useful idiots” by the very same social engineers creating these narratives, this includes the multitude of YouTube personalities, Twitter’s Blue-Checkmark accounts, media darlings, etc. and eventually, the manufactured rhetoric seeps from there into your friends and family. This is true for both political parties and both sides of any given argument, the herd instinct takes over when an individual feels incapable of coming to their own understanding.

Within the human CNS exists what could be described as an Achilles heel. There are several multibillion-dollar industries that rely upon your brain’s responses to symbolic displays of real things. Most of the Sex industry runs on this “virtual” sort of interaction rather than actual physical sex and connection one listens over a phone or watches on a screen as others engage in the act without affection. Phone sex in particular is nothing more than the manipulation of sexual arousal using auditory symbols, i.e., words. 

Your brain responds to words similar to the way it responds to the physical entities and acts that are represented by those same words. Your brain, in turn, regulates your body. It regulates such things as heart rate, vasodilation/vasoconstriction, breathing rate, adrenaline and testosterone levels, pupil size and hundreds of thousands of other central and peripheral somatic processes, including the sexual arousal response. The fact that human beings can be sexually aroused and have a sexual experience by merely talking on the phone is proof positive of how the brain confuses symbolic displays of sex with the real thing. 

Another example that virtually all people have experienced is related to how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can be modified by exposing the senses to mere images paired with accompanying sounds. I have termed the business that engages in exposing human beings to images/symbolic content and sounds the media-entertainment complex. Moviemakers, content producers of all stripes and colors, music makers and producers, writers, scribes, and on-air talent, along with their digital devices and delivery technologies, comprise the media-entertainment complex.  

People cry, scream, become enraged, fearful, happy, sad, sexually aroused in addition to a myriad of other thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, while merely watching and hearing a movie, TV show/news, video, stream, digital media, any and all of it whether animated, acted or simply written. Thus, ALL media in ALL of its various forms and iterations can and do alter man’s CNS which, in turn, changes man’s virtual reality. This cognitive and perceptual dynamic creates a feedback loop between virtual and objective reality. 

The tendency to conflate virtual with objective reality has a neurological basis. Perceiving others engaging in some act or behavior can create the same underlying neurological behavior as if you were engaging in the act yourself. The elemental unit in the brain that is responsible for this is called: “The Mirror Neuron.” Here is a formal definition of The Mirror Neuron: “A mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another. Thus, the neuron “mirrors” the behavior of the other, as though the observer was engaged in the action himself. Such neurons have been directly observed in primate species. Birds have been shown to have imitative resonance behaviors and neurological evidence suggests the presence of some form of mirroring system. In humans, brain activity consistent with that of mirror neurons has been found in the premotor cortex, the supplementary motor area, the primary somatosensory cortex, and the inferior parietal cortex.”

The final domino to fall in the PSYOP matrix characterized by this feedback loop between virtual and objective reality occurs when man unconsciously relies upon the virtual reality that resides in his CNS to filter his perceptions, feelings and ultimately change his behavior toward and in response to the objective world.

The unnerving truth is this: Virtual reality is, in large measure, actively managed and under the control of a financial elite and their agents, while objective reality resists direct manipulation and control from anyone or any force. Therefore, these unelected leaders and their agents concluded that brainwashing the public to believe that virtual and objective reality are one and the same.

Pundits and political observers are fixated upon the on-stage part of the manipulating agents’ various productions. The on-stage parts of their various productions have been created to capture the attention of the masses while the deadly serious business of control and the social engineering of culture remain hidden in a backstage labyrinth of mystery and intrigue. The organizational matrix of the “unelected leaders” is not unlike the matrix used by sophisticated criminal syndicates. Criminal syndicates incorporate built-in impenetrable firewalls and faux cul-de-sacs into their organizational matrix that insulate the kingpins from those charged with bringing them to justice. One particularly fascinating characteristic of shadow men’s organizational matrix structure and function is that many of their on-site agents, and proxy institutions, are composed of people who often have no idea that their sole raison d’être is to serve the needs and wants of unseen rulers. 

Serving as a testament to the brilliant cloaking mechanisms found in shadow men’s organizational matrix, many of their surrogates, including many of their top-level agents, genuinely believe that they are NOT doing the bidding of unseen overseers. Many of the financial elite’s proxies sincerely deny the very notion of hidden controllers, honestly believing that assertions to the contrary have no basis in fact and are nothing more than conspiratorial nonsense. 

At the lowest level of the organizational matrix, we find the dupes. These people can, quite ironically, be identified by their naiveté and conformist adoption of whatever has been defined for them to be politically correct and/or trendy. Italian socialists referred to their populist supporter dupes during WWII as “useful idiots.” The harshness of that descriptor strikes me as incongruous with the fact that some of these so-called “useful idiots,” both then and now, believe or believed in their hearts that they are agents for good. So-called useful idiots are rather easily controlled by exploiting their need to conform to that which has been defined for them to be politically correct and/or trendy. These cloaking mechanisms are protected not only by their maze-like structures and their agent’s blindness to their purpose but also by their victim’s failure of discernment. The failure to perceive those things hidden in plain sight is in large measure a function of the masses’ psychological defenses working to protect them from a very uncomfortable reality. 

Subtle factors help to protect the manipulators and their minions. Ironically, one of the more interesting cloaking mechanisms is dependent upon the suspicions of those among the masses who sense something is amiss but do not possess the judgment nor the discernment acuity necessary to distinguish their rational fears and suspicions from their paranoia-laced projections. The corrupt establishment relies upon those suffering from paranoia and/or who lack intellectual acumen, training, and education to saturate so-called alternative media with so much chaff, that it helps to their elegant matrix of control. The “men behind the throne”, in large measure, remain hidden behind a curtain fabricated by paranoid projections, denial, and free association-like rants. Even when one of these bloggers or broadcasters hit the mark, shadow men remain insulated within a larger sea of paranoia-fueled nonsense continually spouted from this genre of blogger/ broadcaster/writer. I’m sure if you think hard enough you can probably guess one or more of the boisterous, off-putting personalities responsible for creating this intentional aversion to truth-seeking.

So in closing, I would like to stress that we must remind ourselves we know nothing, but for the sake of being thorough, we must consider everything. Hiding from potentially difficult, consequential information is just as damaging as spreading your own paranoia, a balance must be achieved to understand why the world remains broken and why we believe it to be “unfixable” by we the people. We are the ones who the Government should be working for, not the other way around, and the only way to finally enact the changes we wish to see on this planet is to break free from the establishment stockholm syndrome the masses still suffer from.


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