OpEd: The American Bankers Association Announce Seminar on ‘Domestic Terrorism’ While Ignoring Other Issues, Because YOU are the Real Danger

The American Bankers Association  (ABA) has recently announced that they will be holding a seminar on September 28, 2022, titled ‘Domestic Terrorism: A Threat to the Financial System’.

Antidepressants are Ineffective at Treating Depression, UK Study Claims

A recent study conducted by University College London claims to have determined that depression is not simply a chemical imbalance in the brain and that scientists actually have no idea how antidepressants work in the cases where they are actually effective.

Is John Durham’s Next Target the FBI? John Solomon Makes Prediction as 14 Whistleblowers Come Forward

John Solomon, the founder of Just the News, recently spoke about John Durham’s probe into the Trump-Russia investigation and has made a prediction as to what he believes Durham’s next target might be.

Ex-Spy Chief Suggests Former President Donald Trump Should be Executed Over Classified Records

In the wake of the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, reports are circulating claiming that former President Donald Trump is “improperly holding classified papers” which are said to include nuclear documents.

TODAY: True the Vote Set to Release Information at Exclusive Conference, Watch Here

Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, who assisted in the making of the “2000 Mules” documentary, will showcase numerous presentations today for conservative and alternative media personalities and media organizations with new bombshell information about the massive voter fraud in U.S. elections.

Ominous IRS Job Listing Requires Potential Employees ‘Be Willing to Use Deadly Force, if Neccessary’

Alarm has been spreading in regard to the Internal Revenue Service’s stockpiling of guns and ammunition after the passage of a spending bill on Sunday that will fund the mass hiring of 87,000 new agents. Amidst this alarm, an IRS job listing requires an agent who must “be willing to use deadly force, if necessary.”

Washington Post Goaded Into Deleting Objective Criticism of Garland’s DOJ

The notoriously left-leaning Washington Post tweeted out an article on Wednesday criticizing Attorney General Merrick Garland’s politicization of the Justice Department. The publication later decided to delete the article after significant backlash from the left.