“How to End Partisanship” A Letter from General Michael Flynn

(Ryan DeLarmeMichael Flynn, who we often refer to as “the Peoples General”, released a statement today via America’s Future Inc, a fifty-year-old nonprofit, tax-exempt educational organization, urging the American people to look beyond the confines of their respective parties.

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America’s Future was founded over fifty years ago, just after the Second World War had ended, and the United Nations had just been launched. The Cold War had not yet begun, and neither had the conservative movement. Fifty years ago, the number of conservative, constitutionalist, free-market-oriented organizations and publications could be counted on one hand. But the number of communist-front organizations, to say nothing of liberal and left groups, numbered more than one thousand.

As per their website:

“We believe in, we stand for, above all, the God-given freedom of the individual. We hold that the Constitution of the United States is the most profoundly important instrument ever devised by man for the protection of that freedom – the Constitution as written by the Founders of the American Republic, construed in proper context, and safeguarded from subversion by a collectivist state.

We support the private enterprise capitalist economic system. The republican form of government that protects our freedom cannot otherwise endure. Likewise, without Constitutional guarantees, our free enterprise economy cannot long survive. Together, they have established the United States of America as the freest and most bountiful nation on earth.

We perceive as the most serious threat to our freedom and way of life the ideologies of collectivism and state socialism.

We see it as our duty – and as the obligation of all thoughtful, freedom-loving Americans – to oppose all efforts for an ever bigger and more omnipotent government that would make the state our master rather than the servant of the people as intended by our Founding Fathers.”

Flynn has spoken to Americans through America’s Futures’ emailing list, his most recent later, which went out Friday morning, was a call to check our allegiances and to overcome the divide of partisanship for the greater good of this nation:

How to End Partisanship

My heart breaks when I see how many Americans are suffering from loneliness today. The bonds of community that have so often anchored our Republic to withstand the fiercest storms have been cut before our very eyes. The camaraderie which has given patriots the strength to fight on has slowly dissipated in a sea of isolation. Into the void creeps the bitterness of partisanship and division which makes America’s core principles vulnerable to attack by dark forces.

In a time when so many Americans are isolated and divided, what we need more than anything are those icons that have unified our citizens for generations. We all need a reminder that other patriots are still beside us even if we cannot see them.

I believe the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance are two of the best national icons we have. No partisan climate should be able to shake our willingness to come together for “liberty and justice for all.”

Sadly, some have persisted in the notion that the flag and the Pledge are political symbols rather than unifying declarations of loyalty to much higher ideals. Perhaps these sad people have come to believe that everything is partisan. Yet, their false claims should make us all the more vehement that we will never surrender our national flag or our Pledge of Allegiance to the dustbin of forgotten national heritage.

To those who would call the flag a Republican symbol, I point you to the many millions of Democrats who have proudly marched under its banner in the U.S. Armed Forces. Those who join the military must put aside partisan differences in the performance of their duties. Instead, they work together to complete the mission.

That is true not only of the military today but throughout our national history. A military man named George Washington once famously said, “Let me … warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party generally.” Washington’s warning was that citizens not become so focused on party that they forget their common values as Americans. Isn’t it remarkable how prophetic Washington’s warning has proven to be?

If we are to reverse course on the dreadful deadlock of partisanship, we must rally once more around our common mission, just like servicemen in the military. Today, our mission is the preservation of freedom for future generations. It is to honor the flag, and the “Republic for which it stands.”

I hope you will display your flag proudly on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and on every other day of the year. The call to take back America rests on the shoulders of every citizen patriot individually, but we must work together to see meaningful change accomplished. Let this flag be your beacon to other patriots, and let the Pledge of Allegiance by your watchword.

Thank you for choosing to take a stand. Find out more about America’s Future, Inc. at AmericasFuture.net, and please consider making a generous donation to our cause. Very soon, we will be unveiling a strategy to bring Americans together to “Raise the Flag, Say the Pledge.”


Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, USA (Ret.)
Chairman, America’s Future, Inc.


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