Sidney Powell Files Counterclaim Against Dominion Voting Systems Alleging Foul Play

Sidney Powell and the Defending the Republic PAC filed a counterclaim on Friday, September 24th, against Dominion Voting Systems, alleging that they abused the legal process in its lawsuit against Powell and company. 

Anatomy of a Smear: The Media’s Playbook for Squashing Dissent

(Ryan DeLarme) Many believe the modern left to be a faction of altruist heroes sent straight from heaven to fix all the wrongs perpetrated on the world by the dastardly right, as if all the layers and nuance of the American political landscape could be boiled down into some sort of Saturday morning cartoon for children. Actually, that analogy is not too far from the mark when describing big media’s current political marketing campaign, and the mental munchkins who fall for it every time.