Cassidy Hutchinson: Opportunist or Hero? More Leaked Private Chats Destroy what’s left of Jan. 6th Committee’s Credibility

Earlier this month Vigilant News reported that leaked texts from Liz Cheney’s star witness Cassidy Hutchinson painted quite a different picture from the act she put on before Congress. Now, further private communications have been acquired by the Federalist.

BREAKING: Steve Bannon Found Guilty of Contempt of Congress, Sentencing Expected Soon

Former White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor for President Trump was found guilty of two counts of contempt of Congress, for refusing to appear, despite a subpoena, to answer questions for the House select committee for January 6ths—Rep Liz Cheney’s show trial. Sentencing has yet to occur.


Leaked Texts Show J6 Committee’s Own “Surprise Witness” Cassidy Hutchinson Called the Committee “BS”

A report from the Dailly Caller has shown that Cassidy Hutchinson, the J6 Committee’s star witness, once held opinions that stand in stark contrast to those displayed on national television during last week’s surprise hearing.

J6 Hearings Yield Terrible Ratings Despite James Goldston’s Attempts to Turn the Sham Into Reality TV

The Jan. 6th Committee’s attempt to turn the hearings into some sort of Hollywood production is not only indicative of how propagandized this whole affair truly is, but it’s also causing viewers to tune out en masse.

Legal Experts Claim Indictment of Peter Navarro Suggests “Two-Tiered Justice System”

Several Legal Experts have chimed in on the indictment of former Trump advisor Peter Navarro, going so far as to suggest that the January 6th committee and its legal maneuverings are evidence of a “Two-tiered Justice System”.