Secret Summit: Bilderberg Group Meets in DC

For almost 70 years the Bilderberg group has convened annually to discuss “world issues”. A list of topics is usually provided but what exactly is said remains under tight wraps.  The group is highly exclusive and includes political leaders, experts from industry, finance, academia, and the media, typically numbering between 120 and 150 attendees.

Men Behind the Throne: The Unsettling History of Clandestine Organizations in America

As the current political information/disinformation war continues to heat up, it becomes more and more imperative for individuals exercise discernment. This goes for the radical leftists as much as die hard Trump supporters. In the same fashion that many view the Federal Government, the mainstream media has become incompetent, conformist, and corrupt to the core. The purpose of the mass media is not to “tell it like it is” but rather to tell it how the CEO’s, board members, financiers, and shareholders want it to be told. Perhaps a look into the clandestine maneuverings of the western world’s financial elite over the last 100 years can shine some light on the lack of journalistic integrity by those who weave the mainstream narrative.