Worst President Ever? Hunter’s Business Dealings and a Shocking New CNN Poll Have Democrats Dragging Biden to the Chopping Block

A new survey that was recently conducted by SSRS and CNN has determined that even the far-left is struggling to find any redeeming qualities in Joe Biden’s Administration. 

Is Covid Kaputt? Mainstream Media and Establishment Goons Pivot Stance on Mandates Before Midterms

Sometime around the beginning of the year, a shift started to occur. You could almost feel it in the air, as if a sufficient portion of the collective consciousness had put together the puzzle pieces regarding this pandemic, how it connects to the agendas of the World Economic Forum, and what has been called the largest upward transfer of wealth in human history. 

Jen Psaki: Tale of a Deep-State Mouthpiece

I’m sure by now you’ve become familiar with Jennifer “circle back” Psaki, who won the title of Whitehouse press secretary against all odds. Many of the more venomous Trump supporters have taken to petty name-calling and even straight-up hate speech at the woman who is now the target of deeply ingrained contempt.

Blackrock, Climate Change, and Biden’s Whitehouse: A Trojan Horse for the Financial Reset?

Blackrock Inc, the world’s largest asset management company, has quite a presence in the Biden administration. This comes at a time where Wall Street, hedge funds, and big-money good ol boys are experiencing a lapse in popularity. Connected to this mammoth, multinational investment management corporation is the new administrations Climate Crisis gambit, which is already successfully destroying our economy.