Attacks Continue as Auditors in Maricopa County Reach over 60% of Ballots Counted, Usual Suspects are Identified

(Ryan DeLarme) Despite ceaseless attacks from DNC lawyers and the corporate media machine, the election auditors have successfully analyzed over one million ballots and continue to move full steam ahead.

13 Signs That Things Aren’t Going as Planned for the Corrupt DC Establishment

(Ryan DeLarme)  In recent days and weeks, there have been multiple surprising instances, cancellations, and reversal of policies that might insinuate the Establishment is losing its grip, despite having their puppet in the oval office.

Maricopa County Audit: The Frontlines of an Information War

The long-awaited audit has finally begun in Maricopa despite heavy pushback. We’ve reported on Sidney Powell’s briefing via Defending the Republic this last week where she discussed her struggle against Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and an incident involving 3 million Zuckerbucks going missing in Maricopa county while tensions are high.