Biden Admin Assembles Door-to-Door Vaccine “Outreach” Groups While Completely Ignoring Rate of Vaccine Injury

(Ryan DeLarme) When it comes to vaccinations, and any other medical procedure, everyone deserves the right to choose. Despite the political push coupled with the medical mafia’s mass psychological manipulation, many Americans continue to be wary of the experimental, untested, unlicensed, and unapproved Covid-CCP vaccine, and for good reason.

Judge Joe Brown Weighs in on the Hypocrisy of the Biden/Harris Administration

(Ryan DeLarme) This last weekend, former lawyer and television personality Judge Joe Brown joined former NBA player Kwame Brown on a YouTube live stream, where he was able to express how he really feels about the current administration.

Are All Audits Created Equal? Risk-limiting Audits Vs. Full Forensic Audits

(Ryan DeLarme) We reported last month on the Maricopa County AZ forensic audit, going so far as to call it the “front lines of an information war”. Regardless of preference or subjective beliefs, it is an observable fact that we are witnessing two sides duking it out for control of the public perception. Since then, we’ve reported that more and more states are going to be following in Arizona’s footsteps, but will these audits be as open, thorough, and transparent as what we’ve seen so far in Maricopa?

The “Racist Founding Fathers” Fallacy

(Ryan DeLarme) A now-deleted op-ed from a southern Florida Newspaper1 suggested that racism in America was inherited by present-day citizens from our Founding Fathers. “My fellow Americans, we have got to deal with the fact that we have not dealt with our problem left to us by our founding fathers: racism in American.” Unfortunately, the fellow did not elaborate on what exactly incited this charge, but this is a very common misconception.

“How to End Partisanship” A Letter from General Michael Flynn

(Ryan DeLarme) Michael Flynn, who we often refer to as “the Peoples General”, released a statement today via America’s Future Inc, a fifty-year-old nonprofit, tax-exempt educational organization, urging the American people to look beyond the confines of their respective parties.

Leaked Audio of John Sullivan Confirms He’s an Agent Provocateur, Casts Doubt on Jan. 6th Coverage

A large portion of the American population has become suspicious that Congress, with the aid of CNN and certain NGOs, planned the January 6th insurrection at the Capital as a false flag psychological attack on former President Donald Trump and his supporters. Recently leaked audio recordings of John Sullivan all but confessing to posing as a Trump Supporter have further fueled the publics growing distrust of the mainstream narrative regarding what actually occurred on January 6th.