Antidepressants are Ineffective at Treating Depression, UK Study Claims

A recent study conducted by University College London claims to have determined that depression is not simply a chemical imbalance in the brain and that scientists actually have no idea how antidepressants work in the cases where they are actually effective.

Memory on Trial: Ghislaine Maxwell, Elizabeth Loftus, and the Legal Convenience of False Memory Syndrome

The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial has provided an uncomfortable peek into a world that exists behind the outward public facade of certain elite social circles. It has presented us with stories of how predators in high places manipulate the young and vulnerable, warping the natural boundaries of what they perceive as acceptable and unacceptable in regards to their sexuality. The Epstein and Maxwell saga has called into question the alleged secret lifestyles of many wealthy and influential people. But what if the accuser’s memories themselves are called into question instead?


Essays on Psychological Manipulation Pt.2: Mass Psychosis

Three scientists, Philipp Bagus, José Antonio Peña-Ramos, and Antonio Sánchez-Bayón, authored a study earlier this year where they argued that mass and digital media, in connection with the state, may have had adverse consequences during the COVID-19 crisis. They claimed that the resulting collective hysteria may have contributed to policy errors by governments not in line with health recommendations, despite the insistence of the corporate press and private institutions such as the WHO and CDC (who many still believe to be actual governing entities, and not privately funded institutions). 

Anatomy of a Smear: The Media’s Playbook for Squashing Dissent

(Ryan DeLarme) Many believe the modern left to be a faction of altruist heroes sent straight from heaven to fix all the wrongs perpetrated on the world by the dastardly right, as if all the layers and nuance of the American political landscape could be boiled down into some sort of Saturday morning cartoon for children. Actually, that analogy is not too far from the mark when describing big media’s current political marketing campaign, and the mental munchkins who fall for it every time.

Psychological Manipulation in the 21st Century | Virtual vs Objective Reality

(Ryan DeLarme) Dishonesty, intimidation, and manipulation have been part of the human condition since we first discovered their selfish efficiency, yet somehow in a world filled with corporate greed and embellished history, we seem to be unable to conceive that it happens on a scale large enough to affect entire populations.