CDC Begins to Recommend Masks for Monkeypox While Doctors Call Out Agency for “Fearporn” and “Misdirection”

On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) upgraded the monkeypox alert to level 2, advising travelers to practice enhanced precautions, including wearing a mask.

Mother Who Rescued Her Children From Uvalde Shooter Threatened With Probation Violation if She Speaks to Media

In the wake of the horrific massacre that took place in Uvalde, Texas last week, stories began to surface of a heroic mother who took it upon herself to rescue her own children while local law enforcement sat by and did nothing.  

Poll Finds That Most Americans Blame Mental Health for Mass Shootings, Not Guns

A Rasmussen Reports poll conducted on Tuesday shows found “40% of likely US voters believe that mental health is more to blame for mass shootings by young men in America,”.