Worst President Ever? Hunter’s Business Dealings and a Shocking New CNN Poll Have Democrats Dragging Biden to the Chopping Block

A new survey that was recently conducted by SSRS and CNN has determined that even the far-left is struggling to find any redeeming qualities in Joe Biden’s Administration. 

OpEd: Why Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal is a Boon for Beijing

The news cycles have taken a momentary pause on their usual incessant fear mongering to cover the highly controversial situation in Afghanistan. Joe Biden, or rather his puppet masters, have decided to pull the troops from the graveyard of empires. The backwards nature of the withdrawal has resulted in the immediate take over of the Afghan government by the Taliban. This withdrawal was originally planned by former President Donald Trump as part of his administration’s effort to stop the endless wars in the middle east, but was inherited and subsequently botched by the current administration.

Judge Joe Brown Weighs in on the Hypocrisy of the Biden/Harris Administration

(Ryan DeLarme) This last weekend, former lawyer and television personality Judge Joe Brown joined former NBA player Kwame Brown on a YouTube live stream, where he was able to express how he really feels about the current administration.

A Presidency of Dunces: Are Biden’s Blunders Paving the Way to a Harris Administration?

This past week was a rough one for Joe Biden after a disastrous presser and the subsequent criticism, but the democrats and their fellow establishment republicans do not seem too worried about his performance and deteriorating mental faculties. Do they know something we don’t?

The Ignored Truth about “Kids in Cages”, Child Migrant Crisis Escalating Under Biden

The Border has been a hot topic amongst ill-informed folks who live nowhere near said border and have little understanding of the situation there. Certain aspects provided without proper context were used in the last election cycle to lend fuel to the “Trump’s a racist” smear campaign. Many people still believe that he is indeed a racist despite having the highest minority numbers of any GOP candidate in the last 60 years.