AI Chatbot Says Facebook Sells Data, 2020 Election was Rigged

BlendrBot 3, the world’s first 175B parameter chatbot, launched last Friday. So far, the bot has had some interesting things to say about the 2020 election as well as Meta’s (Facebook) business model.

The bot is programmed to learn and improve through conversation with humans and is capable of having conversations on a vast range of topics.

Meta wrote in its news release.

“Today, we’re releasing a new AI research project called BlenderBot 3, a chatbot that can search the internet to talk about nearly any topic… BlenderBot 3 is designed to improve its conversational skills and safety through feedback from people who chat with it, focusing on helpful feedback while avoiding learning from unhelpful or dangerous responses,”

The Bot, which has had a life span of just five days, is already causing some individuals on the left to be provoked, garnering negative feedback.

The AI claimed that Trump is still our president in a discussion with a WSJ columnist.

In a conversation with a reporter from the Daily Beast, BlendrBot 3 said that President Donald Trump had actually won the 2020 election against Joe Biden.

The bot praised the former President, saying that Trump “got things done”.

The BlenderBot also had some interesting things to say about its own creator, Mark Zuckerberg.


Published by Ryan DeLarme

Independent Media, Investigative Journalism

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