Trump Promises Rehire + Backpay for Military Personel Who Refused Vaccine, Vigilant News Gets Exclusive Interview With National Guard Captain

Donald Trump spoke at the Turning Point USA Conference in Tampa, Florida on Saturday. During his speech, the former President and potential 2024 candidate mentioned the thousands of military personnel who were fired for rejecting the experimental mRNA COVID Vaccines.

As per Trump’s Speech:

“We have to abolish all Covid mandates and lockdowns, re-hire every patriot who was shamefully fired from the military with an apology. We have to give them an apology and all of their backpay.”

And people wonder why the military loves Donald Trump.

Below is a video of the speech from the Turning Point USA Conference:

This will be a huge benefit not only for struggling families whose primary source of income was yanked from them amidst record inflation but for our severely weakened military.

We recently interviewed Cpt. Mickey Sheldon of the Tennessee National Guard, who, using his 1st amendment right, gave us his firsthand experience of what the brave men and women of our military have been going through.


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