FBI Says That it “Will Not Tolerate Violence” Ahead of SCOTUS Decision on Roe v Wade

This week the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a strong warning that it would work to prosecute any acts of violence that may occur in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v Wade, which is set to take place later this month.

In a joint statement with U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves, Steven M. D’Antuono of the FBI’s Washington Field Office said that the two agencies are:

 “committed to protecting the First Amendment rights of all Americans to express their views peacefully during demonstrations that take place on a regular basis in the nation’s capital, including at the Supreme Court.”

“We also have a responsibility to ensure public safety and the orderly conduct of government business. We will not tolerate violence, destruction, interference with government functions, or trespassing on government property. We are committed to working closely with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners to stop any individuals who intend to commit violence or criminal activity under the guise of carrying out a demonstration.”

The statement comes as tensions over abortion rights are reaching a boiling point after an unprecedented security breach of the Supreme Court ignited a fiery backlash. 

The Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling later this month that will overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that nationalized abortion rights in the United States.

Activists have in recent weeks been taking protests to the homes of Supreme Court justices; the controversy reached a grim crescendo this week when an individual was reportedly arrested en route to assassinate the Trump-appointed Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


Published by Ryan DeLarme

Independent Media, Investigative Journalism

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