Is Covid Kaputt? Mainstream Media and Establishment Goons Pivot Stance on Mandates Before Midterms

Ryan DeLarme,
February 10th, 2022

Sometime around the beginning of the year, a shift started to occur. You could almost feel it in the air, as if a sufficient portion of the collective consciousness had put together the puzzle pieces regarding this pandemic, how it connects to the agendas of the World Economic Forum, and what has been called the largest upward transfer of wealth in human history. 

We had a good run though; two years and a vulgar test of society’s willingness to discard their rights in the name of perceived danger. Maybe it was all Joe Rogan’s fault, or maybe enough folks decided to make a fuss; whatever the reasons are, the very same establishment media and embedded political puppets who incessantly stoked the public’s fears have now suddenly and simultaneously decided to shift gears and ease off on mandates and restrictions.

While tens of thousands of truckers filled the streets of Ottawa Ontario, the capital city of Canada, truckers from the US are gearing up for a trip to DC. Some politicians and government health officials can see the writing on the wall, and have begun the great 180 whirl from “shutting down the virus” to “the science has changed”. Oddly enough, the midterm elections just so happen to loom on the horizon.

On Wednesday, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, both Democrats, announced they will end mandates in their states requiring face coverings in most indoor public settings. However, masking rules for schools will remain in place.

Several other blue states — New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Oregon, and California — are also lifting their indoor masking requirements in the coming days. All but California said they’ll no longer require masking in schools.

Biden came into office with all the bravado his rickety frame could muster, talking about how he was going to “shut COVID down”, something he failed miserably at by the way. There were more deaths in Biden’s first year than all of 2020 and 2021 combined. Now, the tune has changed:

“We are moving toward a time when COVID won’t disrupt our daily lives, a time when COVID won’t be a constant crisis,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday, adding that the president is looking to turn the page on the pandemic.

“We are internally discussing, of course, what it looks like to be in the phase of the fight against the COVID pandemic where it is not disrupting everyone’s daily lives, where people are moving on and living, lives free of, hopefully, masks at some point and many of the restrictions that we’ve all been living through over the past two years,” Psaki said.

These comments come on the heels of a Politico report that the Biden administration is plotting to adopt a “new normal”, conditioning Americans to live more comfortably with COVID-19 in a bid to increase dismal approval ratings and to “boost midterm prospects” amid skyrocketing inflation and a floundering legislative agenda.

Still, the White House may find it difficult to explain to Americans why it’s fine for them to return to normal now after two years of Biden and other Democrats advocating strict pandemic restrictions.

The problem could be worsened by a series of recent embarrassing stories of top Democratic officials making excuses for not wearing masks despite long pushing mask mandates. Nonetheless, Biden and Democrats are crediting themselves for ending the pandemic while beginning to look to policies implemented by red states as early as the summer of 2020.

At first, when discussing their response to the virus, Democratic leaders frequently spoke of the pandemic as a battlefield, and the war could only be won with COVID-19’s unconditional surrender.  As a result, several blue states kept in place COVID-19 lockdown measures — first implemented nationwide in the early spring of 2020 — long after red states, which opened up much earlier, most notably Florida.

“It seemed like the narrative was (that) no one could talk about individual rights,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) told the conservative legal group the Federalist Society on Friday. “It’s all about lockdown. You can’t have an open state. You can’t have kids in school. You can’t do all that. We viewed it the opposite. The default needs to be freedom.”

This week the Whitehouse seems to be signaling that it will be following these blue states easing of restrictions as one big happy coordinated effort to not look like complete tools during the midterms, an effort that may be too little too late. They want to posture as though the seemingly amorphous science has suddenly changed. The data hasn’t changed, only their internal polling and strategy has.


Published by Ryan DeLarme

Independent Media, Investigative Journalism

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