Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 5: Former Housekeeper and Crime Scene Manager Testify

Ryan DeLarme,
December 3rd, 2021

It is now Day 5 of the 6 week trial of British Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of the late media mogul and known MOSSAD spy Robert Maxwell. Here is a brief recap of what we’ve covered thus far:

— Jeffrey Epstein’s long-time pilot recalled flying famous men including former Presidents Trump and Clinton and Prince Andrew on the pedophile’s planes

— “Jane,” the first accuser to take the stand, said massages would often turn into orgies with Maxwell and Epstein

— The defense will try to convince jurors Maxwell is just a scapegoat for Epstein’s crimes

— But prosecutors painted the pair as “partners in crime” in their alleged quest to sexually abuse young women

— Jurors have gotten a glimpse into Epstein and Maxwell’s high-flying lives through various photos of his mansions and jets

More details trickled out after we ended our coverage yesterday. We left off with Epstein and Maxwell’s former housekeeper Juan Alessi, who testified that he witnessed a slew of women he presumed were in their early twenties regularly lounging around the mansion, most of the time they did so topless.

He claimed that he recalled at least two underage girls at the home while employed full-time there between 1991 and 2002. Alessi Identified “Jane” (the first accuser who’d already taken the stand)  as well as Virginia Roberts Giuffre, as the minors he’d seen.

Alessi also testified that Maxwell had an employee handbook that warned, “Remember that you see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, except to answer a question directed at you.” 

Alessi also described cleaning up after his boss’ massages and finding “large dildos” which he would then stash away in Maxwell’s closet at the estate, which also had pornographic tapes and a leather black costume. Maxwell lorded over employees at the estate as the “lady of the house,” he added.

Juan Alessi returned to the stand this morning, where he faced questions from Maxwell’s defense.

Alessi was grilled by defense attorney Jeffery Paguliuca about breaking into Epstein and Maxwell’s palm beach estate and swiping cash about two years after he stopped working for them.

Alessi told prosecutors yesterday that he stole $6,300 from the estate one night in 2004 because he was going broke.

On Friday, Pagliuca pointed Alessi to testimony he gave under oath in 2009. The housekeeper said in that testimony that he actually entered the house twice. Alessi said Friday he stole the cash to pay for immigration papers for one of his friends.

After Alessi’s testimony this morning, the former crime scene manager for the Palm Beach Police Department took the stand as the first member of law enforcement to testify.

The police officer, Gregory Parkinson, is testifying about a search he conducted of Epstein’s Florida mansion in 2005.

Before the jury entered the courtroom Friday morning, Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe said prosecutors expected law enforcement witnesses to speak about sexualized photos and of underage girls they saw at Epstein’s properties.

The court broke for lunch around 12:30 pm. Before the break, Gregory Parkinson, the former crime scene manager for the Palm Beach Police, was testifying about a 2005 search he and other police officers conducted at Epstein’s mansion. 

After lunch, Gregory Parkinson resumed his testimony with the prosecution asking him questions about a video he’d recorded while conducting a search warrant on the Palm Beach property in 2005.

The video shows several remarkable photos of Epstein with world leaders, including Pope John Paul and Fidel Castro. Juan Alessi testified that he’d seen these photos as well.

The jury is currently viewing the video of the search. Updates will be provided as the trial continues.


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