Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 2: Epstein’s Pilot and 1st Accuser Testify

Ryan DeLarme,
November 30th, 2021

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial began Monday and will continue for the next 6 weeks, possibly leading to some slight justice for the accusers and the unknown victims who remain out of the spotlight. Unfortunately, several red flags have already emerged, and it is only day 2.

The first potential conflict of interest comes from lead prosecutor Maureen Comey, the daughter of the now-disgraced former FBI commissioner James Comey (who has controversial ties to the Clintons as well as a history of dishonesty and deep-state connections).  

Another red flag is the first witness, one Lawrence Paul Visoki Jr., who piloted the infamous “Lolita Express” for over a quarter of a century and was so close with Epstein that the late financier hosted Visoki’s daughter’s wedding at Zorro Ranch in New Mexico. This has caused some to wonder whether how Visoki will portray Epstein and Maxwell during his testimony.  

Update: While giving his testimony today, Epstein’s former pilot has claimed that he “never witnessed any sexual activity”, a statement which runs counter to claims put forth by Chauntae Davis and other accusers.

He claimed that he never saw any underage girls on any of the 1000 or so flights he piloted from the early 1990s to 2004, another statement that contests the claims put forth by the accuser and victim Virginia Roberts.  

Visoski said he flew Roberts in the mid to late 90s but believed her to be a “shorter woman with dirty blonde hair.” He added that he believed an Epstein associate named Jane that he met on one of the planes was a “mature woman with some piercing powder blue eyes.” Prosecutors entered a birth certificate for Jane into evidence under seal.

Bill Clinton name-dropped in testimony

Former President Bill Clinton was among the high-profile names brought up in today’s cross-examination of Jeffery Epstein’s longtime pilot. Visoki Jr. testified that he’d have been told in advance if a guest like Clinton was going to be flying on Epstein’s jet.

“There might be special catering?” defense attorney Christian Everdell asked about Clinton, who has been photographed with Maxwell aboard the Lolita express, to which the pilot replied “sure”.

When asked if remembered a victim in the case, identified as “Jane,” riding on the plane, the pilot said: “I can’t visualize her sitting in the passenger compartment like I would, say, President Clinton.”

During the cross-examination of Visoki Jr, Maxwell’s defense attorney asked about any gifts the late Epstein bestowed upon his longtime employee. Visoki, who worked for Epstein for nearly 30 years, received a number of pricey gifts throughout his employment, including 40 acres of land on the New Mexico property for the pilot to build a house.

Epstein even paid for Visokis’s two daughters’ education, the pilot testified. “He believed in higher education,” Visoki said.

Epstein also listed a number of expensive vehicles in Visoki’s name, including a Land Rover, Mercedes, and a Jaguar, he said. the pilot claimed that the cars belonged to Epstein but that he allowed Visoki and other staff to use them.

According to Visoki, the well taken care of pilot who Epstein employed for several decades, he never had the slightest inkling that is boss or Maxwell ever abusing young girls. “I would have quit my job” he claimed.

After lunch recess, the first accuser took the stand. She is one of the 4 alleged victims mentioned in the indictment against Ghislaine Maxwell and is testifying under the pseudonym “Jane”.

A prosecutor asked “Who was most frequently in the room when you had sexual contact with Jeffery Epstein at 14 years old?” to which the accuser replied “Ghislaine Maxwell.”

“Jane” says she first met Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell when she was at Camp Interlochen in Michigan in the summer of 1994 — between 7th and 8th grade.

More updates will be provided as the trial continues.

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