Sidney Powell Files Counterclaim Against Dominion Voting Systems Alleging Foul Play

Ryan DeLarme,
September 29th, 2021

Sidney Powell and the Defending the Republic PAC filed a counterclaim on Friday, September 24th, against Dominion Voting Systems, alleging that they abused the legal process in its lawsuit against Powell and company. 

The counterclaim argues that Dominion brought this case against Powell, her law firm, and Defending the Republic, Inc (a nonprofit that Powell founded), to punish or dissuade her from drawing attention to the vulnerabilities in Dominion’s machines and software. Powell and team believe that Dominion is trying to “smear her reputation” and to “deflect public attention from the truth of fraud in the election”. The counterclaim alleges that Powell is not alone in receiving this type of treatment from Dominion.

The counterclaim specifically highlights ways in which Dominion set out to silence it’s critics, to put a stop to negative discussion regarding the company, and to conceal any damaging facts regarding Dominions own patents and instruction manual. The counterclaim alleges that these documents provide the information necessary to facilitate remote access to real-time election results; remote access to adjudicated votes; and other vulnerabilities.

Powell asserts that Dominion, in an effort to avoid letting these underlying facts creep out into the public discourse, developed a public relations strategy through litigation. As a part of this war-like “lawfare” campaign, Dominion filed multiple billion dollar lawsuits against separate defendants at strategically planned times. It is also claimed that Dominion has sent out over 150 cease and desist letters to those who have openly criticized the company in any way; including eyewitnesses, experts, and even Powell’s own clients. 

Those in Powell’s corner, including the lawyer herself, posit that Dominion’s goal was to silence all negative press, change the public narrative, and conceal the truth about the alleged vulnerabilities of the company’s machine fraud. In Powell’s own words:

The filing today demonstrates the great lengths Dominion went to suppress the truth, intimidate those who spoke out against the company, and quash free speech. I am continuing to stand by my belief that the results of the 2020 election were rife with fraud through the electronic voting systems, and the truth will come out.”

-Sidney Powell

For additional links and information regarding the case and counterclaim, visit the Defending the Republic website. 


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