Why Didn’t Democrats Want Pelosi to Testify, Is She Guilty of Insurrection?

by Ryan DeLarme,
February 17th, 2021

The House impeachment managers folded and backed off witnesses Saturday morning after Trump’s legal team announced Speaker Pelosi would be called in to testify. The Democrats went straight to closing arguments because they have no case and it appeared as if they wanted to protect Nancy Pelosi.

Many are speculating that the reason why the Democrats didn’t want Pelosi to testify is that she knew about the planned attack on the Capitol beforehand. The FBI, NYPD and USCP had prior knowledge of plans for violence at the US Capitol, including intel-threatening murder of police officers.

Ace investigative reporter John Solomon filed a FOIA request for records related to the DC police’s probe of the siege of the Capitol. Solomon dropped a bombshell last month and said the DC police rejected his FOIA request for records pertaining to their investigation of the siege of the U.S. Capitol. The DC police said that the release of the records would be ‘personally embarrassing’ and privacy-invading to release the documents.

“We’re gonna fight for those documents but something tells me what’s in those documents has some very very big relevance to what happened on The Hill and the question I have is what did Nancy Pelosi know, what did Mitch McConnell know about these threats beforehand,” John Solomon told former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

John Solomon explained that the Sergeant at Arms is constantly communicating with the Speaker of House so Pelosi must have known about the threats days before the Capitol riot. The question is, what did Pelosi know? Most likely, Pelosi knew the attack was pre-planned and possibly had intel that many of the attackers were far-left insurgency groups. Pelosi, Bowser, and Mitch McConnell also refused to increase security on January 6th for the US Capitol.


House Republicans are now demanding answers from Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding security decisions she made leading up to and on the day of the Capitol riot on Jan. 6. They want to know why the National Guard wasn’t in place to prevent the riot and what took them so long to arrive. In a letter sent to Pelosi, they say that “many important questions” about her “responsibility for the security” of the Capitol on Jan. 6 “remain unanswered.”

RT reports: Even though then-chief of the Capitol Police Steve Sund requested the troops on January 4, he was denied by Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving and told it would be bad “optics,” according to an open letter four GOP ranking members of House committees sent to Pelosi on Monday.


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Independent Media, Investigative Journalism

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