Burmese Military Arrests Government Over Election Fraud, Connects to Clinton, Obama, Smartmatic, etc.

by Ryan DeLarme,
February 1st, 2021

The leaders of the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar have been arrested by the nation’s military for allegedly committing massive voter fraud during the November 2020 elections. Myanmar’s State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint were both arrested in morning raids on Monday by the nation’s armed forces, after widespread allegations that they had committed election fraud.

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The whole situation is starting to mirror what just took place in the USA, could this be a foreshadowing of what we might see here in the coming weeks and months?

Myanmar’s State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint were both arrested in morning raids on Monday by the nation’s armed forces, after widespread allegations that they had committed election fraud. The official results of the November election in Myanmar, also known as Burma, showed a victory for the liberal National League for Democracy (NLD), which is led by Aung San Suu Kyi. The conservative nationalist Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), which is supported by many members of the country’s military, lost several seats.

However, it soon became apparent, according to the military, that massive vote fraud had taken place. On January 15, the USDP released 94,242 cases of election fraud in six townships, and subsequently called for a new, fair election supervised by the military and the country’s election commission.

“In Shaw Pin Kaing village, an underage girl was able to cast a vote. She is just 16 years old,” said former USDP lower house candidate U Nyunt Saung, who claimed to have been a victim of fraud. “She was forced by her neighbor to go to vote.”

Major General Zaw Min Tun, a spokesman for the Myanmar military, pointed out that a further 8.6 million irregularities in 314 townships had been identified, suggesting that a large number of voters had voted multiple times, and urged the election commission to take action. General Zaw Min Tun had been calling for the election commission to provide final voter lists for cross-checking, in order to verify whether fraud had taken place or not.

“Not resolving this in line with the law means this is a political crisis,” he told reporters last week.

The weak-willed election commission, which was appointed by the NLD, declined to acknowledge the evidence. Sound familiar??

“Weaknesses and errors in voters lists cannot cause voting fraud,” the election commission said in their response. A typical response.

Ultimately, the military issued an ultimatum to the NLD government for failing to “respect and abide by” the Constitution of Myanmar. General Min Aung Hlaing, the commander-in-chief of Myanmar’s armed forces suggested that the role of the military was to stop governments abusing the law.

“If one does not follow the law, such a law must be revoked,” General Min Aung Hlaing declared on Thursday in a video address to military officers.

In order to stop the steal, the military ultimately took decisive action on Monday morning against what had been described as “dishonesty and unfairness” in the November election. Military leaders, who claim the vote was fraudulent, have now declared a year-long state of emergency, transferred all power to Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, appointed Vice President Myint Swe – a former general – as acting president, and closed all banks until further notice.

The Conspiracies Surrounding the Event

As stated above, the whole situation is starting to mirror what just took place in the USA.

It’s informative to observe that the Burmese military is more conscientious about its duty to the Burmese constitution than the U.S. military is to its supposed duty to the U.S. constitution—unless, that is, the U.S. Military is planning its own “takeover” event.

At this point, no one around the world can possibly take the whole “land of the free and home of the brave” act seriously anymore. Myanmar is observably more serious about preventing voter fraud than our own government and Military appear to be (for now).

To our readers who have been following the Mass Arrests and Military Tribunal narratives, this all probably looks strikingly familiar. The big difference? it’s actually happening! Take a look at what is happening in Myanmar, it looks EXACTLY how patriots have been speculating our own mass arrests scenario would go down.

It appears the Burmese military understands very well who their real enemies are.

We seem to share enemies.

So, who are these now arrested government officials affiliated with? None other than Hillary Clinton, Obama, and George Soros.

Obama and Clinton pictured above with Aung San Suu Kyi.

Obama was the first sitting President to visit Myanmar while Clinton seemed to be pleased to ensure “democracy” in her country. Birds of a global, deep-state feather. But they aren’t the only questionable connection to the country.

Alexander Soros, son of Billionaire “philanthropist” George Soros, had paid a visit to Myanmar’s capital Nay Pyi Taw – a week before the Chinese President Xi Jinping made his official visit at the behest of President Win Myint on January 17 and 18 last year (preparation for a global voter fraud operation?).

And then we have possibly the most damning connection; Smartmatic, one of the companies who’re alleged to have taken part in massive voter fraud in the United States Presidential election and other elections abroad.

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Naturally, Obama’s shadow gov- er, I mean the “Biden administration” released a statement warning the Burmese Military that “We will get involved”. We saw the SEC friendly Jen Psaki put out a statement:

This comes as little surprise. We will be following up on this story as more details arise.

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